Photograph displayed with kind permission of Geraldine Petrovic  © 2016 Geraldine Petrovic/Murget Royd Photography

Photograph displayed with kind permission of Geraldine Petrovic

© 2016 Geraldine Petrovic/Murget Royd Photography

Jherek Bischoff is a Los Angeles-based composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumental performer. He has performed in notable concert halls and festivals, including Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Concertgebouw and Adelaide Festival, and renowned orchestras and ensembles have performed his work, including the National Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Symphony, Wordless Music, s t a r g a z e, and yMusic. Bischoff has recieved commissions from Kronos Quartet, Lincoln Center, St Ann’s Warehouse, and The Royal Conservatory, and his numerous collaborators include the likes of Kronos Quartet, David Byrne, Angel Olsen, Neil Gaiman, Robert Wilson, and Sarah Silverman.

His numerous critically-acclaimed releases include 2016’s ambient orchestral album Cistern, 2012’s orchestral pop album Composed, and a co-release in 2016 with longtime collaborator Amanda Palmer - Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute. After the release of Cistern, Bischoff was the artist in residence for Times Square’s Midnight Moment, where his video for "Cistern" was broadcast every night on Times Square's electronic billboards, culminating in two live performances in the middle of Times Square.

Bischoff’s work for film and television includes the documentary Thank You For Coming, Netflix's A Futile and Stupid Gesture and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, and Starz' Blunt Talk. His theater work includes Robert Wilson's The Sandman for Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer for Theater Basel and Johnny Breitwieser for Vienna’s Schauspielhaus.

This year, Bischoff will premiere his first symphony and his first opera. He is also developing another theater production, scoring for film and television, and releasing new music with direct fan support via Patreon.

For a peek into Bischoff's childhood on a sailboat and his former home studio in Seattle, check out this clip from WQXR's Making Big Things out of Very Little: Q2 Spaces



"Celebration" (2018)
"Gobo" (2018)
"Super Blue Blood Moon" (2018)
"Reminder" (2017)
Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Walk with Me (2017)
"Red Cloak" (2017)
"Kule Kule (Solo Bass Version)" (2017)
Black Mountain Songs (Compilation) - "Childhood's Retreat" (2017)
Cistern (2016)
Liaisons: Re-Imagining Sondheim from the Piano (Compilation) – “The Ballad of Guiteau” (2015)
Composed (2012)
Scores: Composed Instrumentals (2012)
Tradi-Mods vs. Rockers (Compilation) – “Kule Kule (Orchestral Version)” (2010)
Under The Sour Trees (2009)
Ribbons - Royals (2008)
Self-Titled (2006)


Amanda Palmer – There Will Be No Intermission (2019), Quartet for Dolores: A Tribute to Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries (2018), "Mother" - Pink Floyd Cover (2017), "In Harm's Way" (2017), "Everybody Knows" & "Democracy" - Leonard Cohen Covers (2017), "Purple Rain - Prince Cover" (2016), "Machete" (2016), Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute (2016), Theatre Is Evil (2012)
Meow Meow
- Johnny Breitwieser (2018)
Eliza Rickman – "Riches and Wonders" - The Mountain Goats Cover (2018)
Robert Forster – "People Say" & "In Her Diary" (2017)
Mirah – Sundial (2017), Changing Light (2014)
Comedienne – "Hideout," "Providence Street" (2017)
Los Campesinos! – Sick Scenes (2017), Hello Sadness (2011), Romance Is Boring (2010)
Anna Calvi – Live for Burberry (2017)
Sara Jackson-Holman – Didn't Go To The Party (2016)
Lily Kershaw – "For Keeps" (2016)
Kronos Quartet – "Flying Rivers" (2016), "A Semiperfect Number" (2015)
Xiu Xiu – Xiu Xiu Plays The Music of Twin Peaks (2016), Fabulous Muscles (2004), A Promise (2003), Chapel of the Chimes EP (2002)
Sondre Lerche – “Surviving Christmas” (2015)
Vance Joy – "Fire and the Flood" (2015)
Neil Gaiman – The Sleeper and The Spindle Live w/ String Quartet (2015)
Brooklyn Youth Chorus – “Childhood’s Retreat” (2015)
Yacht – I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler (2015), Shangri-La (2011), See Mystery Lights (2009)
Maya Beiser – Uncovered (2014)
Missy Higgins – Oz (2014)
Parenthetical Girls – Privilege (2013), Entanglements (2008), Safe as Houses (2006), (((GRRRLS))) (2004)
David Byrne – “Eyes” (2012)
Soko – I Thought I Was an Alien (2012)
People Get Ready – People Get Ready (2012)
Jason Webley – In This Light: Live at Bear Creek (2011), The Cost of Living (2008), Only Just Beginning (2004), Counterpoint (2002)
Degenerate Art Ensemble – Red Shoes (2011), Sonic Tales (2009), Cuckoo Crow (2006), The Bastress (2005), Look-Away Popeye (2003)
The Dead Science – Villainaire (2008), Crepuscule with The Dead Science EP(2006), Frost Giant (2005), Bird Bones in the Bughouse EP (2004), Submariner (2003)
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Etiquette (2006), Young Shields (2006)


New Amsterdam - NBC (2018)
A Futile and Stupid Gesture
- Netflix (2018)
Souvenir (Theatre Royale) - Adelaide Cabaret Festival & Brighton Festival (2017), Theatre Royale Hobart (2016)
Rita Riot / Rita Dreaming / Rita Requiem - Sgt. Pepper at 50, Liverpool, UK (2017)
Thank You For Coming - Documentary film, directed by Sara Lamm (2017)
Robert Wilson's The Sandman - Ruhrfestspiele, Recklinghausen & Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Germany (2017)
Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer – Theater Basel, Switzerland (2016)
Blunt Talk – Starz (2015-16)
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp – Netflix (2015)
Johnny Breitwieser – Schauspielhaus Vienna, Austria (2015)