Photo by Christian Faustus -

Photo by Christian Faustus -


Over the next couple of months, I am going to unload a ton of wild and rad stuff, but first, this:

I have been thinking about joining Patreon for a while and enough people told me they hoped I would start one, so I am finally going for it!
Are you familiar with Patreon? It is a really great platform that is helping a ton of creators do the work they love with the direct support of their fans. I have released two solo records in the last five years, but that is only about 5% of what I have created in that time. I am constantly working on a ton of projects, most of which have limited performances, are never recorded, and the majority of my fans never get to hear this music.
That's where Patreon comes in. People who want to support me can help make this music available to the world. You can support starting from just a dollar for each thing, and with enough folks joined together, I'll be able to record this stuff and put it out into the world. Hooray! My Patreon supporters will also get the inside scoop and behind the scenes access to what I'm working on, as well as the option to get additional perks.
The best part is that these funds will enable me to hire the team necessary to bring these projects to life, so your patronage will be supporting a larger community of creators doing their work! How awesome is that?!
I hope you will check out my Patreon page! Try it out for a month or two -- you can come and go whenever you please! I've already got some projects in the HERE to read more and sign up.
As an expression of gratitude for those who choose to sign up, I have recorded a solo bass cover version of Konono No 1's "Kule Kule" you will be able to download for free. Some of you have heard the orchestral version, some have seen the quartet version, and some have seen me perform this solo. A ton of folks have asked me to record the solo version, so here you go! I thought it would be a fun way to kick things off!

Speaking of Patreon, I have had the privilege of working on several projects (12 songs!) with Amanda Palmer over the past year through her Patreon. Today we released our very latest collaboration - a cover of Pink Floyd's "Mother" rearranged for string ensemble by yours truly. There's also a beautiful video that goes along with it (warning for a NSFW scene). A lot of extremely talented people worked on this project (all funded by Patreon!).
You can listen HERE, watch HERE, and read more about it HERE.

I'm in London tonight with Amanda Palmer and a string quartet at Union Chapel, and the show will be webcast (funded by Patreon!)! The stream starts at 7:15PM GMT, and my set will be first. We will also be performing "Mother" live for the first time, so definitely tune in if you can, via

More announcements very soon! As the great Rachel Maddow says, “Watch this space”!