Today I worked most of the day on some new orchestral arrangements for a woman named Debora Petrina. We met in about the most insane way possible. David Byrne is a fan of her music and they were in touch around the time that he and I were working on our song and he recommended that we collaborate because he could see see some similarities between our work. So I agreed to work on some of her material. She is from Padova Italy and I have had a chance to hang out with her and her man friend Mirko a couple times when I have been touring through there. They sent me 2 tracks that are Debora playing piano and singing. Her music is much more complex than what I am used to so it has been a real challenge, but it is working out really well! I am planning on recording the arrangements with a real orchestra in the next week or so. I am also trying to finish up the video and audio from my big Town Hall birthday show. I am a bit bummed because I only had 2 cameras going and unfortunately both of them are mostly doing close ups of certain elements and it never really gives a good overview of the full orchestra. It has kind of kept me from feeling inspired to work on it, but it sounds really good so I figure I might as well get it done. It is totally my fault with the video stuff... I was so flustered around that time that i did not give ANY direction. Oh well. I had to learn some how, and I have always wanted to learn how to use Final Cut Pro, so it's still all fun and good. I should be able to start putting the videos up on this blog real soon! Until then..