I have been a bit too busy lately to write. I have been finishing up several projects including a 7" for Parenthetical Girls, mixing 2 different records for Richard Webb, and working on Debora Petrina's orchestral arrangements. I have postponed my L.A. move for a little bit and it has freed up some time to get started on a bunch of business I have been meaning to take care of, most excitingly is this new BAND CAMP thing! Band camp seems to be really really cool. Right now ALL of the money goes directly to the artists and you can listen to entire songs and download at what ever bit rate you want. I put up my records as well as some bonus material for the records. I also put up some unreleased material including past live stuff, soundtrack stuff and a collaboration with an amazing Mexican singer. Check out my Band Camp page to just take a listen or buy some tracks!!Talk to you soon! jherekbischoff.bandcamp.com