Well, The Degenerate Art Ensembles Red Shoes shows have come to a close. It was such an incredible journey from start to finish. I had a chance to write string quartets, brass band music, a totally disgusting mish mash of midi music that we called Midi Madness, subsonic bass frequencies, and choral music for the St. James Chorus! The project took us out to NYC and The Watermill Center (see post below), and was an introduction to working with the INSANELY talented Dohee Lee. The show took place in four locations around the First Hill neighborhood here in Seattle. I took myself to the limit with performing by playing bass, drum, keyboard, sousaphone, amputated leg, and laptop... CRAZY! I want to thank everyone who came out and REALLY thank all of the volunteers and amazing collaborators that were involved in this very ambitious project! Here are some beautiful pictures from Bruce Tom.