Haha! Well, that was a New Year’s Resolution fail! Oh well, it’s not because I don’t care! I have just been a bit busy as usual! Many exciting things have happened since my last post: I curated the Seattle contingent of a Bang On A Can Marathon at The Moore Theater, featuring: Shabazz Palaces, Eyvind Kang & Jessika Kenney, Morgan Henderson (Blood Brothers, Fleet Foxes), Gust Burns & Greg Campbell, Jim Knapp, Scrape Ensemble, the Bang On a Can All-Stars, and of course, yours truly! It was 6 hours of nonstop brilliance!

I went out to Australia (AGAIN!) to play at Womadelaide with Robert Forster (Go-Betweens).

I played at Carnegie Hall with Amanda Palmer and Cibo Matto for a tribute to the music of David Byrne & The Talking Heads.

I also started working with my friend Craig Wedren on some TV soundtracks. I helped out a bit with the new Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp which was a real dream come true! I was a huge fan of the original movie before ever hanging with Craig, so to be even a small part of the team was a blast.

I also worked on the new Starz series Blunt Talk, which premiered August 22. It is produced by Seth MacFarlane, written by Jonathan Ames, and stars Patrick Stewart, yes, THAT Patrick Stewart! I had a much more substantial role in making the music for it and the show is hilarious! It’s been really great to learn the ropes from Craig. He simultaneously held my hand, and trusted me immensely with large tasks. A great mentor indeed.

Beyond all of this, I have been wrapping up my next record Cistern! I finished the record and am working on the artwork right now. I also filmed most of an 8-part music video series, some of which will be part of the roll out for the record, and some of which will accompany the live show. I have been filming all over the world: Australia, the Pacific Northwest, California…it is E.P.I.C. (I don’t know what this is short for, but it shows how E.P.I.C. it is).

Thanks so much for checking in! Stay tuned for more news about Cistern and don’t forget to check out Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and Blunt Talk!