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Kultur Shock

Next week I will be recording with the band Kultur Shock. I will be in charge of recording vocals, violin and saxophone (I think). I am excited about this because their music is great and much different than anything else I have ever worked on. The drums, bass and guitar were recorded by Jack Endino. I took the opportunity last week to check out his studio and watch how he works as well as hear what Kultur Shock were up to. It's always fun for me to see how other people work. I tried to get a better picture of Jack, but he was super focused and sat in this position with ears toward the speakers the entire time I was there.

Congotronics Compilation

I recently contributed to this amazing compilation. Everyone did an awesome job on it and I am truly honored to be a part of it! I highly recommend purchasing it! The track listing is- Tradi-Mods vs Rockers CD DISC 1: 1. Travel Broadens The Mind - Kasai Allstars/Deerhoof 2. Quick As White - Kasai Allstars/Animal Collective 3. Ohnono/Kiwembo - Sobanza Mimanisa/Andrew Bird/Konono No.1 4. Soft Crush - Tussle/Konono No.1 5. Traducteur De Transmission - Glenn Kotche/Konono No.1 6. Hunting On The Moon - Kasai Allstars/Lonely Drifter Karen 7. Kule Kule [Orchestral Version] - Jherek Bischoff 8. Enter The Chief - Kasai Allstars/Woom 9. Hoy Supe Que Viajas - Kasai Allstars/Juana Molina 10. Masikulu Dub - Mark Ernestus/Konono No.1 11. Kiwembo/Unstuck - Sobanza Mimanisa/The Skeletons 12. Nyeka Nyeka - Kasai Allstars/Joel Hamilton/Jolie Holland 13. Land Dispute - Kasai Allstars/Faustine Hollander/Clement Marion/Aksak Maboul/Marc Hollander Tradi-Mods vs Rockers Songs DISC 2: 1. Mukuba Special - Kasai Allstars/Shackleton 2. Likembes - McCloud Zicmuse/Maxine Le Hung/Hoquets/General John Stevens/Francois Schulz/Konono No.1 3. NO.K - Micachu/The Shapes/Konono No.1 4. Conjugal Mirage - Kisanzi Congo/Megafaun 5. Two Labors - Masanka Sankayi/Au 6. Mulu(me) - Basokin/Alla/Jorge Ledezma/Angel Ledezma/Lupe Martinez 7. Kuletronics - Lay Low/Ernesto Gonzales/Bear Bones/Konono No.1 8. Rubaczech - Konono No.1/Burnt Friedman 9. Nombre 1! - Oneida/Konono No.1 10. Wumbanzanga - Optimo/Konono No.1 11. Incident At Mbuji-Mayi, The - Kasai Allstars/Bass Clef 12. Konon Wa Wa Wa - EY3/Konono No.1 13. Makembe - Sylvain Chauveau/Konono No.1


I have been a bit too busy lately to write. I have been finishing up several projects including a 7" for Parenthetical Girls, mixing 2 different records for Richard Webb, and working on Debora Petrina's orchestral arrangements. I have postponed my L.A. move for a little bit and it has freed up some time to get started on a bunch of business I have been meaning to take care of, most excitingly is this new BAND CAMP thing! Band camp seems to be really really cool. Right now ALL of the money goes directly to the artists and you can listen to entire songs and download at what ever bit rate you want. I put up my records as well as some bonus material for the records. I also put up some unreleased material including past live stuff, soundtrack stuff and a collaboration with an amazing Mexican singer. Check out my Band Camp page to just take a listen or buy some tracks!!Talk to you soon!


Today I worked most of the day on some new orchestral arrangements for a woman named Debora Petrina. We met in about the most insane way possible. David Byrne is a fan of her music and they were in touch around the time that he and I were working on our song and he recommended that we collaborate because he could see see some similarities between our work. So I agreed to work on some of her material. She is from Padova Italy and I have had a chance to hang out with her and her man friend Mirko a couple times when I have been touring through there. They sent me 2 tracks that are Debora playing piano and singing. Her music is much more complex than what I am used to so it has been a real challenge, but it is working out really well! I am planning on recording the arrangements with a real orchestra in the next week or so. I am also trying to finish up the video and audio from my big Town Hall birthday show. I am a bit bummed because I only had 2 cameras going and unfortunately both of them are mostly doing close ups of certain elements and it never really gives a good overview of the full orchestra. It has kind of kept me from feeling inspired to work on it, but it sounds really good so I figure I might as well get it done. It is totally my fault with the video stuff... I was so flustered around that time that i did not give ANY direction. Oh well. I had to learn some how, and I have always wanted to learn how to use Final Cut Pro, so it's still all fun and good. I should be able to start putting the videos up on this blog real soon! Until then..


Open letter to Italy

Dearest Italy,I am writing this letter to you because I love you. Your food is so delicious, your land is beautiful, your people are so kind. You have been kind enough to let me visit you about 6 times now so I have a feeling you are possibly interested in some sort of real friendship. I am extremely delighted to feel this from you. I want you to know that I will always be there for you, if you need anything, anything at all from me, please just let me know and I will do anything I can to make you happy. I truly hope to see you very soon. Your friend and admirer, Jherek

Very flattering

So I seem to have been nominated for a Stranger Genius Award. Very flattering. People have posted very sweet things about me and also many of my friends/collaborators have been recognized. I am really happy that The Stranger has extended this program to music! There are so many incredible musicians, composers and producers in this city! Here is the article...  

New record almost done!

I am close to finishing up my new record. For the past year I have been recording a record of 10 full orchestral pieces. In the past, I have typically played all of the instruments, wrote the lyrics and sang on all of my music, but for this record I wanted to get people that could execute my ideas much more precisely. I have a ton of collaborators on this project that I am very very excited about, including: David Byrne Craig Wedren- Shudder To Think Carla Bozulich- Evangelista and Geraldine Fibbers Mirah Dawn McCarthy- Faun Fables and many more to come! I am not sure when or how it will be coming out but I hope to know soon!