A ton of news! First of all my birthday is coming up! To celebrate an extremely productive and awesome 33rd year of my life  I have 3 (!) releases coming out the month of my birthday, September! First - My labels, The Leaf Label (UK/EU) and Brassland (US) are getting ready to release “Scores” on September 18th. This is an instrumental version of my record Composed in a new digital format. The music will be available to download as instrumental versions and also a new exciting version that will include full notated scores of all of the tunes from Composed! If you play violin or most other orchestral instruments and want something to play along with, you will now be able to! If you are an orchestra, professional or middle school, you could play my music! I would love to post ensembles versions of these tunes up on this site so we can all see the results! FUN!


Second - Parenthetical Girls’ Privilege V is coming out September 11th! This is the last in the 5 EP series. I produced the record (same as the other ones) and wrote 3 of the 5 songs with Mr. Pennington. I am really pleased with this series. I am going to miss the process that Zac and I developed. We really let ourselves go in whatever direction that our creativity took us. We worked extremely spontaneously and it was really really lovely. You can order your copy and stay abreast of all Parenthetical girls news here! Third - And certainly not least, Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra’s Theater is Evil will be released also on September 11th! We recorded this in Melbourne Australia with John Congleton and the record has been getting a TON of  attention! It has been a total blast. We are beginning our year of touring on September 10th. We will be coming to your city and I will be opening the sets so keep checking into my live page! Order the record here! This band is really good. Don’t miss it!


Lastly, I want to mention there are some crazy exciting announcements coming soon. New collaborations, new performances, but I cannot let the tofu out of the bag yet. I can mention a couple fun things coming up though.

TBA Festival in PDX Sept. 12th Classical Revolution PDX (a chamber ensemble) will be performing a few of my pieces. I selected some beauties that I think will really fit in with the other AMAZING things lined up for the evening. I will not be in attendance because I will be playing in Washington DC that night.. But I am sending the always amazing Joshua Kohl of Degenerate Ensemble in my place. There is no one I trust with my music more.


A Benefit for Classical Revolution in San Francisco Sept. 27th Classical Revolution S.F. will be performing a set of my music along with some other fantastic acts! Super honored to be a part of this! I will be in town playing at the Fillmore the night before with Amanda Palmer and will be staying an extra day to join CRSF for the evening!

Sometime in the not too distant future a video for Eyes will be coming out. I just finished shooting all of the footage and it is going to be AWESOME! Here are some pics (#1 & 2 taken by Mayumi Heider) from the shoot!

I always forget how busy I have been until I sit down to write one of these updates.. sheeesh! I am sure I am forgetting a ton of stuff, but check in with me on Twitter. I will be on there a bunch this year.

HEART Jherek